Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Apt 710

All packed and ready to go.

Packing the van.

Taking a break.

Driving the van ... what a beast!

Backing in ... 'wing-walker' Jared.

Finally, it's all unloaded.

Now, we unpack ...the kitchen.

Dad unpacking the millions of boxes.

And relaxing after a hard 2 days' work ... Thanks to everyone who helped us, we couldn't have done it without you.
Mom, POPS, Dad, Jared, Lawren, Josh, Rich and Emma.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I read this on my blog journey today:

"did you know that the valentine's heart we have all grown to 'love' was originally a doodle drawn to represent a female's buttocks? ..i guess that means that i 'heart' you, means i love your butt... "

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Moving Out

3 more sleeps in my apartment and then it's onward and upward ... literally. I'm in the basement now and I will be on the 7th floor. I am excited to be moving all of my things to our new apartment. Reuben's parents, graciously, helped us purchase a vanity cabinet for our bathroom. So, I can't wait to see how it and everything else is going to fit and look in the apartment.

We had a very busy weekend, running around doing errands for the wedding. Also, a nice time renewing our love for eachother. There is something about absence that really does make the heart grow fonder. It helps you not to take the other person for granted, which can so easily happen in our busy lives. It has also renewed my ability to rely on God for strength instead of Reuben. I hope that continues even when we're married because it's essential for life.

I have more packing to get done before Friday morning. Lot's more. I don't know how I crammed all of that stuff into my tiny place but as I am trying to pack it is just pouring out of the woodwork!!! Thankfully, Reuben's mom is able to get me lots of boxes from Shopper's Drugmart, where she works.

Only 3 more nights of living completely on my own. I will be living with Reuben's family for the next 3 weeks. Wow!

"And above all these things put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony" Colossians 3:14 My parents' wedding text; it just popped into my head.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Summer of 69

The title is just the song I'm listening to right now. It has no significance on the content of this post. Today is a weird day. There are 30 days till the wedding ... which I'm sure you could have figured out from reading yesterday's post where I said that there were 31 days till the wedding. I think I blogged about counting down last month but I just want to reiterate that I have no idea why I have such a fascination with doing it. It certainly doesn't help make the time go faster. Maybe it has something to do with one of my character traits; organization. Anyway, I'm nervous. Not nervous about getting married ... definitely not that. Nervous about getting everything done on time. Nervous about having to rely on other people to get things done for me when I know they don't have as much of a vested interest in things working out perfectly and on time!

It doesn't help that my job has been quite boring lately. There is absolutely nothing going on. And that means that my brain is constantly thinking about wedding plans, moving plans and honeymoon plans. It just makes it worse because I can't be distracted during the day. I am constantly thinking about everything. Does anyone have any solutions? At least I have been sleeping relatively well although I am sure that is about deteriorate especially once I move out of my place. But maybe I will surprise myself and sleep well right up until the wedding.

Speaking of moving out, I'm doing that next week Friday morning. If anyone wants to lend a hand for a couple of hours!;) My dad and brother are driving a cube van up from Ottawa and we will be packing it up and then unpacking at the new apartment in Ottawa on Saturday, Feb 25. I can't wait to start setting things up into our own little home. Reuben will get to bach it for 3 weeks.

Oh and if anyone reading this has white Christmas lights they can let us borrow for the wedding. Please let me know.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Warning: Sappy Valentine's Day Post

How I love Valentine's Day now that I have someone to share it with! Reuben is in Ottawa this week and I am still in Burlington, so it's a little sad that we won't be together on this day. But he surprised me and left behind a beautiful card and he bought me the Dido CD that I've been wanting for a long time. Following is a song from the CD that describes just how I feel about Reuben:

my tea's gone cold, i'm wondering why i got out of bed at all
the morning rain clouds up my window and i can't see at all
and even if i could it'd all be grey, but your picture on my wall
it reminds me that it's not so bad, it's not so bad
i drank too much last night, got bills to pay, my head just feels in pain
i missed the bus and there'll be hell today, i'm late for work again
and even if i'm there, they'll all imply that i might not last the day
and then you call me and it's not so bad, it's not so bad and
i want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life
oh just to be with you is having the best day of my life
push the door, i'm home at last and i'm soaking through and through
then you handed me a towel and all i see is you
and even if my house falls down now, i wouldn't have a clue
because you're near me and
i want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life
oh just to be with you is having the best day of my life.

Only 31 days till the wedding!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hungry Day

Today is one of those days where I have eaten everything in my lunch by 12pm. My stomach is constantly craving food. I don't know why that is. Is it the weather? Is it some weird hormone imbalance? Is it because I didn't eat breakfast till I got to work? I wish I knew because it's not healthy and makes me really want to go to McDonald's and mow down on a Big Mac and french fries. Well, at least Cristina(co-worker) is going to Tim Horton's so she can get me a slightly healthier bagel:)

Other then that, it's a pretty quiet day here at WestJet. The sun is shining. But it's quite cold.

Tonight, my friend, Erica is coming over to try some up-do's on my hair for the wedding! I'm excited and nervous. I also want to try on my dress again cause, as the day approaches, I am more and more nervous about it being the perfect dress for me. I can't go back now but I just hope that it looks wonderful! I mean, the day is not really about looking great but I still want Reuben to be able to appreciate how I look on our wedding day!

I am also picking up some boxes so that I can start packing. I'm excited about that. I want to throw out some of the stuff, I never use ... although, given my track record, I'm sure it won't be a lot. And when I'm packing I can just go through and organize and clean things. It should be good. I know I have a lot of stuff, so I'm sure it'll take me the next 2 weeks to pack everything.

Well, that's all that is going on right now. Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

the Solemnization of Marriage

We learned something pretty amazing in our last pre-marriage class. The reason that the form for the Solemnization of Marriage has printed the answers "I do" after each question to the bride and groom is that we are not promising to do all of these things of ourselves but with the grace and help of the Lord and since we believe this to be true, there is no way we can answer other than "I do". What an amazing and comforting thought.

We had another good weekend in Ottawa this past weekend. My sisters and Mom surprised me with a bridal shower on the Saturday night. There were about 10 people there. It was supposed to be a surprise but I had figured it out especially when my brother said, earlier in the day, "So, what time is this party tonight?" hahaha:) Funny. We started out by going out for dinner at Moxie's. I had this chicken with a wild mushroom sauce that I wasn't too wild about! Then we walked around the mall to give people time to get to our house. I had a fabulous time and I was spoiled with gifts. Many for our kitchen and cooking but some for the bathroom, too (like our green towels, yay!) I really appreciated the effort it took for everybody to come out just for me:)

Reuben started work yesterday. He seems pretty happy with it so far. He said that he already had a great discussion about music with the guy he is sharing a room with. I'm glad because music is a huge part of Reuben's life! And I don't always agree with him on it so it's nice for him to have someone in Ottawa who is on the same wavelength.

Being apart is really hard. Last night, I got so much done! That's a good thing. In a way it was nice to be on my own again, doing what I wanted when I wanted but I've realized that I do enjoy "taking care" of Reuben and making dinner for both of us and stuff like that. I can't wait to go and set up our apartment and make a home for us. It's going to be fantastic!

Less than 6 weeks to the wedding!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

My bed

I know it seems silly but am I the only one in the whole world who loves her bed?! I'm a light sleeper as I mentioned yesterday and I have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep when I am in a strange bed. Does anyone else have this problem? I started sleeping over less and less at people's houses because I could never get to sleep and then I would be grumpy the next day and it just wasn't worth it.

My big dilemma right now is that I will be spending the last few nights before our wedding in a strange bed. See, I have to move out of my appartment on Feb 25 and I will probably then be staying with Reuben's parents, in his old bed. I'm not sure what to do with my bed. Maybe they will let me move it into his room? We don't have room in our apartment for it and I'm not sure we want to keep it in storage. I don't know if my parents have room for it but I would hate to give it away or throw it out.

My bed has been with me since I was a young teenager(and possibly before, I can't really remember when I got it). It's been with me, comforting me and giving me a soft place to lay my weary head through all the trials and tribulations of growing up, moving out and moving away. People often say that it is getting too old and I would need a new bed anyway soon but if I wasn't getting married I probably wouldn't give my bed up for a long time.

I also wonder, with my poor record of sleeping, how I will ever get used to sleeping in the same bed with someone. I'm not sure if this topic is slightly embarassing to write about or not but face it, most people either do it already or wonder what it would be like, right? What if Reuben snores like crazy and I am never able to fall asleep?? The problem is, that he says he can fall asleep anywhere and so I don't think he will have any troubles falling asleep with me in the room. I guess it's just one of those things that I shouldn't worry about until I've actually tried it and it doesn't work.

I love to sleep. Most people do, don't they? I grew up sleeping in till 10 on Saturdays and I always seem to be slightly tired and ready to go to bed at a moment's notice. Weird? or Normal? I'm not sure. What do you think?

Anyway, life is full of moments when we move on and I guess I just have to face facts and move on from the most comfortable bed in the world in 22 nights!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Why can't I be one of those people that sleeps through anything? I hate to complain but I just want to describe my night.
I fell asleep around 10pm, I guess. It's always sort of hard to know what time I finally drift off after my last look at the clock. At around 1:30am, I wake up to some loud talking upstairs and lots of walking around on the creaky floors. So I go to the bathroom and fall back asleep. An hour later, I am woken up again by really loud talking and some bass from a CD or radio. There is lots of walking around. Thankfully, after about 15 minutes the noises die down and I am able to fall asleep again.

As I walk to my car, at 5:53am, I first notice that I am going to have to scrape my windshield, that it's pretty cold out and ... what's that light glinting off metal ... what? ... there is a car parked behind me. I have to unlock my door, put my stuff in the car, go back to my apartment, unlock the door, find my landlord's phone number and trying not to sound too frustrated I listen to their phone ring both through my ear and through the floor above me. Finally, my landlord answers and I explain the situation. It takes him a good 5 minutes to come outside to move the car.

I mean, I already start work way too early and have to drive an hour in the mornings, is it too much to ask for a good night's sleep and no obstructions in the driveway. I guess I can't have it my way all the time.

Looking forward to an apartment with concrete walls.