Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Netherlands Points of Interest April 10 - 22

Here's a list of the places we plan to visit while in the Netherlands.  Any other suggestions?

  • Hilversum (staying with Dad's cousin)
  • Amsterdam
  • Keukenhof
  • Alkmaar
  • Rotterdam
  • Kinderdijk
  • Utrecht
  • Zwolle (staying in Reuben's aunt and uncle's place)
  • Geithoorn
  • Kampen
  • Hoge Veluwe
  • Het Loo / Apeldoorn
  • Groningen (staying with Mom's cousin)
  • Schiermonnikoog
  • the Hague (back to staying in Hilversum)
  • Delft
  • Deltaworks
  • Den Bosch

Wow! That is a lot of things to see and do.  I don't think we need anymore suggestions.  Thankfully, my Dad's gracious cousin is allowing us the use of her car so we don't have to wait on public transportation too much.