Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Netherlands

Well, Andrew(any other readers out there?), it looks like I won't have to bore you with recipes for too much longer as we've bought our tickets for the Netherlands.  After much hemming, hawing and arm-twisting (of Reuben by me), we're off to explore the land of our ancestors!

Places on my must-see list, which probably varies from Reuben's, are:
Lisse - tulip fields which will, hopefully, be in bloom while we're there
Hilversum - my dad's cousin, Ina's home
Ten Boer - my mom's cousin, John and Seibje's home
Delft - why not?
Terschelling - island, sounds cool
Zeeland - delta project
Zwolle - cool place to stay
The Hague - why not?
Amsterdam - the canals and the Rijksmuseum
De Haar Castle Utrecht - looks cool

etc. etc.

Dates of the trip: Thursday evening April 10 to Tuesday late night April 22.