Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Our everyday life

You might be wondering what's been going on in the Helder household right now. Well, I'm here to inform you; absolutely, nothing. Ok, that's not true. But sometimes, when I am thinking about it that's what it feels like. And then when I really think about it, wow, we are busy!! Most of you, who are reading this, know what our day to day life is like but maybe there is someone out there who is curious (Vanessa!:P).

So, everyday we get up at 6:39am (I'm very weird about the time the alarm is set for, it can't be divisible by 10 or 5 for some reason) and are out the door by 7:20am. Reuben heads for the bus stop and I head for the deep dungeon of our parking garage. I flick on CBC as I manuveur through all the construction to get out of the garage and proceed to breeze through traffic while listening to interesting conversations, the news broadcast, weather and traffic report. Traffic is sometimes heavier than usual but never seriously stressful as I used to drive through Toronto everyday. I arrive at work at approx. 8 and after easing myself into the routine, work through the day until the clock clicks to 4pm and I swipe out and drive myself home. Driving home is always a bit of a chore. There's usually more traffic and the boringness of it makes me sleepy. When I get home I have an hour an half before Reuben walks through the door to make dinner and relax.

Our evenings are not generally too full. We really like to just stay home in the evenings. Ok, maybe I like staying home in the evenings. Reuben's a little more antsy; maybe it has to do with age;) Lately, we've been talking about buying a house. We have a real estate agent working with us who is super nice and helpful and also a Christian which is great! Last week Wednesday, we had a really exciting night. We went to see 2 houses in Kanata. One of them, I thought for sure we would love. But when we went in we realized that it kind of smelled musty or definitely like they had a dog. It needed a lot of work which at first we were kind of excited about. Then we went to see a similar house around the corner and it was 10 times better but they were asking the same price. The second house was also on a quieter street. It had a nice backyard and all the decorating was really nice. It still needed some work but nothing unmanageable. So when we walked out our real estate agent asked us if we wanted to sit in Starbucks and talk things over. When we did that, we decided to put an offer on that second house right away because we realized that the market in that area was pretty hot. So we drove down to his office, wrote out our offer, discussed the price, learned tons and tons and then faxed it off to the seller's real estate agent. She had till 11:30pm to get back to us. We waited and waited. We went to our real estate agents house in the Glebe and waited some more. Finally they called around 10:15 and said that they needed more time because the seller was in the hospital!!!

The next day we waited and then they asked for more time so we waited some more. Meanwhile, I'm trying not to get my hopes up but I am anyway because that's just the way I am. And then at 6, our agent calls and tells us that the seller decided not to sell after all!! Wow!! What a learning experience. So now I am kind of stuck on that house and am hoping she changes her mind soon so we can have it. We haven't been able to find another house yet to go look at until today. There is another semi for sale in Kanata that is asking a little bit more than we want to pay for it but maybe it'll be the one. Who knows. Well, my impatient nature is definitely taking a toll on me with this whole house thing. But in the end, living in an apartment is a lot easier than the responsibility of a house so maybe we can wait a bit longer.

Well, that's our life right now.