Friday, September 25, 2009

Kitchen Reno UPDATE

Instead of duplicating Reuben, you can check out his blog for updated pics of the kitchen!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Days 24-27

I've been in Winnipeg since Friday afternoon so I haven't been able to see the progress in the kitchen. On Friday and Saturday, they worked on the ceiling. Reuben sent me some pictures and it looks amazing! I was going to post the pictures but I think we'll wait until it's more finished because you will all be blown away! The ceiling is totally different than anything you've ever seen! I'm so excited to come home and see it.
I think today they are going to do some painting and then putting the dinette/office area together.
I'll be heading home tomorrow.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 22

Mudding of drywall joints and laying down of plywood subfloor was accomplished yesterday. Along with scraping off the last of the wallpaper border in the dinette area.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 21 - cabinets

Our living room is stuffed with Ikea boxes and put together cabinets.

Day 21 - Drywall

Here's some pictures of the drywalling being done in the kitchen. The opening is into the dinette area.

Photo recap

In case you're curious as to the progress; these are the photos after the plumbing and electrical work was done last week. You can see all the nice new wire snaking around the room as well as the clean capping off of the sink pipes.

You can also see the new ductwork near the ceiling that we had to do because we widened the doorway into the diningroom.

Here's the ductwork that we put in to vent our hood fan to the exterior wall since our stove is being relocated to the interior wall. We had a recirculating hood fan before (which we never used) so we had to punch a hole in the outside wall and put in the vent ourselves. Well, actually another friend of ours, Reuben VP, did it. Thanks Reubs!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 17- 20

DAY 20 without a kitchen. It hasn't felt too long but that's mainly because my mom has graciously provided us with dinner most nights. On Saturday, we tried our hand at bbqing pizza and french fries. They had a slightly smokey flavour (ie. a bit charred):)

On Friday, our friend, Brian came over and helped Reuben wire some things. Then on Saturday, Reuben managed to get the floors spotless of dust and garbage and I managed to give the rest of the house a "thorough going over" (I think that's a quote from Anne of Green Gables but I'm not sure which part).

Reuben's dad arrived this morning and Reuben was up early moving the phone jack and prepping some more. I think there is some drywalling happening today. Also, my brother is helping Reuben to pick up the cabinets from the Ikea warehouse this afternoon. I'm so excited to see all the boxes. Although, I'm not looking forward to having them all in the living room. I think breakfast is going to be interesting tomorrow morning.

I'll keep you posted.
ps. My brave 35-week pregnant sister, Diana, is driving here from Fergus today with her 2 kiddies (Hadassah, age 2 and 9 months and Nethaneil, age 15 months). They are staying the week.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 10-16

Since my last update, not much has been done on the kitchen. We went to Sandbanks for the long weekend and left the mess behind.
But today, we got the call that our cabinets are ready to be picked up! And Reuben's dad is busy cutting the slats for our ceiling.
Our countertop, sink and faucet are also in. Reuben's dad will be bringing it all with him on Monday when he comes to install everything.
Tomorrow, our friend is coming to help Reuben finish up the wiring and tonight we are going to buy our hood fan.
Many pieces slowly coming together to form the jigsaw puzzle that is our kitchen.

Camping: Sanbanks

Beams from our living room ceiling ready to be burned.

Celebrating Reuben's birthday!

Our shady spot.

Karin and her brother.

Gorgeous sunsets.

My crazy husband doing a jig on the beach.

Our accompanist.

The long road home.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Day 9

New window.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Day 8

Day 6 was a Sunday so we rested from our labours. Day 7 saw nothing accomplished as we were at a meeting all evening. Day 8 was yesterday and while I went to the movies (Julie and Julia, very cute!) Reuben and Carl got down to business on the plumbing. They removed our sink and tap and installed some piping. Apparently, the venting was in the wrong place.