Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window...
There is a monstrous back hoe, a couple construction guys and a dump truck. They are all working to expose the top of the University’s tunnel system for repair.

I am thinking...
About going to Winnipeg tomorrow for my best friend’s wedding. I can’t believe it’s already this weekend! I’m excited and nervous, especially about flying alone even though I’ve done it tons of times.

I am thankful for...
Being able to get the time off work to go to Winnipeg and relax a little when I get back.

From the kitchen...
We’re having leftover salmon burgers and steamed broccoli for dinner.

I am wearing...
Summer tan pans, flip flops, a brown and white vest/blouse combo and cute clip in my hair!I am creating...Hmmm … not big on the whole creating thing but I am working on crocheting a cozy blanket for our living room.

I am going…
To Winnipeg.

I am reading...
The Source by James A. Michener. About the history of Isreal as told archeologically.

I am hoping...
For coolish weather and sunny skies for Lorien and Chad’s wedding. Also for no turbulence on my flights.

I am hearing...
Paint being rolled on, a generator, moving of furniture on the floor above, voices of my co-workers…

Around the house...
I wish I was at home right now to answer this.

One of my favorite things…
Seeing Reuben’s phone numbers appear on my Called ID when the phone rings.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
Fly to Winnipeg … but I think you already knew that! Get a manicure! Be as helpful and selfless as possible on the Wedding Day.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Biker chick

Guess what? I finally bought a helmet and riding jacket! Now I can hop on the back of my husband's Vespa and experience the joys of motorbiking or ... scootering, as it were!

Reuben has had his Vespa for just over 3 months now and he hasn't even remotely gotten tired of it. And after spending a lot of the weekend on the back, I can see why he feels that way.

I did not think I would like riding quite as much as I do. Although, the seat of the sporty model he got is not designed for 2 people, we both fit and the Vespa handles the extra weight (not that it's too much extra weight ;)) just fine.

After riding out to our friends' place yesterday for 25 min, it was like getting off of a horse. My legs were stiff and sore and so was my back as there is nothing for me to lean on. But I think, as time goes on, my body will get more used to it.

I'll try to post a picture soon!
Ride on!

Friday, July 25, 2008

New Post

Well, dear friends, I think I'll just ramble on a bit about things for now. I don't have a lot of pictures to add to this post as I am at work and don't have them with me.

Last weekend, was another busy weekend for us. We traveled down to Waterdown and stayed with Reuben's parents. On Friday, we celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary as well as Jared's 22nd birthday by having a photographer take some family photos and then having dinner at the West Plains Bistro. Very scrumptious!

On Saturday, we attended the wedding of Melissa Bremer and Gerald Alkema. Between the ceremony and the reception we went to a birthday party for my Oma N. Mostly all of the Nyenhuis children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were there.

Sunday was a quieter day but since we had church at 11am and left for home by 3:30pm, it was a very short day.

On the drive home, we drove through Toronto (unfortunately, you can't get around that) during a torrential rainstorm. I was driving. Past Toronto the rain died down so Reuben put the pedal to the metal and we made it home by 9pm. Woohoo!

After the weekend, we have not had any energy to do anything this week. I must confess that we spent some unnecessary hours just watching T.V. this week. We hate 2 out of 4 dinners in front of the T.V. Although, on Monday night, our gardener(my dad) came over and I did do some weeding, dead-heading and cutting back of a vine (which is going to take over our house if we don't watch it). So, I am satisfied that we got something accomplished this week. I also got one load of laundry done ... woohoo!

Last night, we had a birthday party for 2 ladies from our church. It was a small gathering but quite nice. It's nice to catch up on how everyone is doing and what's happening in their lives as I don't often manage to do this on Sunday especially when we are gone so much.

5 more sleeps until I hop on a plane to Winnipeg for my best friend's wedding. I'm already getting nervous about it. Partly because flying makes me nervous and partly because Reuben isn't come with me and I think I will be really lonely, especially at night. I'll have to bring some Hardy Boy books along to help lull me to sleep. (That's what I do at home when I can't sleep.)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Front Patio

Our patio is almost completed. It's not quite what I envisioned when we first started (see photo on right side panel) but still looks awesome and is 100 times better than what was there.

Before After

Our plan is to extend the garden to follow the "curve" of the patio as well as add a bistro set so we can sit out there in the evening. It's much quieter than on our back deck because we back onto a very busy road. We are also thinking of putting out some nice big flower pots.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

5 of my most Favourite People

Left to right: Hadassah(18 months), Mom(years), Elyssa(8 months), Dad(years), Nethaneil(3 days).

I am back from a whirlwind trip to see the newest member of our family, my nephew, Nethaneil. He is beautiful and snuggable and of coures, lovable! My father, Karin, Elyssa and I hopped into my parents' brand new Subaru after work on Monday and made the long trek to Fergus (no more Arthur, the Broersma's have moved to the big city!:)). We hit some construction on the highway so our drive was more eventful than we would have liked. But we made it none the less and it was all worth it once we got to snuggle with our newest family member. Only 3 days old, he did a lot of sleeping. Apparently, he's calmer during the day than at night, so far, so we didn't hear a lot of crying. After a good night's sleep, we all went for breakfast at the local family restaurant. Everyone there was amazed that Diana was out and about after giving birth only on Saturday! She's a trooper.

I remember a year and a half ago when we went out for breakfast at the same restaurant just after Hadassah was born. She was already a couple of weeks old then.

After breakfast, we just hung out at Diana and Mike's new house all day. We didn't do much. Mostly just stared at Nethaneil and tried to keep cool! It was a scorcher of a day! Hadassah and Elyssa got along well.

Nethaneil slept.

Woke up.

And slept some more.

Around 3:30pm we decided to hit the road for the long trip home again. It was also a long trip due to construction and Elyssa needing to be fed but it was good and we made it home safely.

Monday, July 07, 2008