Thursday, May 31, 2007

Eurotrip 2007 - A Summary (for starters)

PARIS - The Sacre Coeur Church just outside Montmartre. From here you get a great view of the whole city of Paris.

ZURICH - Lobby of the Hotel Leoneck.

GENEVA - Playing chess in the park which also holds the Reformation wall.

LYON - An example of a Romanesque church. Probably built in the 11th century. WOW.

VENCE (Provence) - The villa of our dreams!!

BARCELONA - Picture to come. . . .

Thursday, May 03, 2007


I am finally going mad when it comes to having patience for the day to come when we leave for Europe. As you can see from the ticker, above, it's only 8 days away. Wierdly though, it feels like time is slipping away so fast and we won't be ready on time. What if we forget to do something and we're sitting in some sidewalk cafe going "shoot, I wish I'd remembered to pack that . . . .piece of green thread . . . .".

We have been planning this trip for over a year and now that it is finally here I am starting to realize that my procrastinating skills are definitely up to their old tricks. I was going to exercise so that I would have enough energy for all our long touring days. I was going to learn some Spanish in order to prepare for Barcelona. I was going to do lots of research into the places we are going. But I guess we'll just have to go unprepared and take things as they come.

Would you like to know our itinerary? Here is a short synopsis:

Friday, May 11 - depart from Ottawa at 3:15 pm
Saturday, May 12 - arrive in Paris at 8:40 am
Tuesday, May 15 - travel by train to Zurich, arrive at 2:05 pm
Wednesday, May 16 - travel by train to Geneva, arrive at ~ 9 pm
Thursday, May 17 - travel by train to Lyon, arrive at ~ 9 pm
Saturday, May 19 - travel by train to Nice, arrive at 1:25 pm
Saturday, May 26 - travel by train to Barcelona, arrive at 9:45 pm
Tuesday, May 29 - depart Barcelona at 9:10 am, arrive in Ottawa at 5:15 pm

I'm getting tired just reading that. We are definitely going to need a holiday from our holiday but it's also going to be fantastic!!! As long as we all get better before the trip. My father is having pneumonia-like symptoms and my husband has the stomach flu. So we're all taking it easy and praying for swift recoveries for both of them.