Monday, October 30, 2006

Irene needs . . .to join in the fun!

Irene needs to make a decision: should she try to lose weight with a diet program again or should she see the psychologist? - woah, get with the program
Irene needs to pull together the information she has collected - hmmm
Irene needs a medication refill - definitely
Irene needs to push Harry - um ... Harry get over here
Irene needs to stay warm, it's sooo cold ... - oh so true, we haven't turned our heat on yet
Irene needs a new pair of shoes - and how
Irene needs to know how to win at slot machines - nah, gambling is bad
Irene needs purpose and reasons for living -- sometimes this is so elusive and sometimes it is staring at me from across the room
Irene needs to be escorted to upstate New York to deal with a more serious criminal matter - did something happen that I wasn't informed about?
Irene needs to update her wardrobe and get a new haircut style - oh yeah, Reuben better keep bringing home that bacon!
Irene needs to balance her home life with social endeavors - you know me, social butterfly.

haha ... that was a funny exercise!

Saturday, October 14, 2006


here goes,
I am thankful for:

my hubby
my family
living in Ottawa
the ability to travel
my church family
friends close by
friend far away
the ability to dream big
oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
wonderful, quiet Saturdays in which to get as many chores done as you want or don't want
the color green
God's love
freedom of religion
cousins to giggle with
books and time to read
hot showers
warm mittens
coworkers who are willing to drive you home
my soon-to-be neice/nephew
the Bible
scrapbooking supplies
the view from our appartment

peace be with you all.

Friday, October 13, 2006

My favourite thing

We just returned from another road trip. If you're here from Reuben's blog you'll see that he succinctly described our trip in a series of bullets. I don't have much to add. It was a fantastic time! Everything worked out wonderfully, as far as the plan went except for one thing ... the weather. We had read that it was 30 degrees and sunny in Raleigh when we left. When we arrived and for the entire weekend it was 17 degrees and raining. The exact weather we had just left behind us in the frigid north. Sigh! The grass isn't always greener. (As our friend, Joel, recently pointed out.

Ok, every time we go on a trip we have to tell my father what our favourite part of the trip was. So, here goes. My favourite part of our trip was roller skating!! Can you believe we actually went roller skating? Ottawa doesn't have any roller rinks. It's too bad because it's a lot nicer than ice skating. Why? You may ask. Because it's not freezing cold! At the roller rink you could get roller skates or roller blades. We all got roller skates just for old times sake. When we were younger, my parents had a basement with concrete in the laundry/work room part and we used to roller skate around down there. We'd run into the dryer to stop ourselves. And my cousin, Corrine (who we were visiting, in case you didn't know), used to do this with us. So we did a lot of reminiscing. We always do a lot of reminiscing when we are with her.

Speaking of which, Reuben and I have a really hard time listening to music together because there are only a few bands which we both enjoy listening too. My cousin, Corrine, seemed to have both of our favourites on her IPOD. It's so great when your husband gets a long with your favourite cousin. Anyway, that was just an interesting side note.

So, rollerskating was fun but it's more exercise than I had bargained for. My calf muscles and heart were hurting after just 15 min. You should have seen some of the 'locals' at the rink. There were these 40 year old guys with their wives, just whizzing around the place like they'd been going to the rink every Saturday night since they were 18. It was really cool! And then there were the young people just grooving and having a good time. The music wasn't too harsh either. All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday night in a foreign country.

Other good parts were the grits (mmm ... looks like Cream of Wheat but is eaten with salt and butter instead of sugar and raisins), the Parade of Homes and of course, the company.

Another successful road trip under our belt ... Winnipeg here we come. (Not a road trip, by the way.)