Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Thoughts on Stress

When I start thinking about all the things that are happening and that need to get done in the next 7 weeks, I can hardly breathe and my shoulders get all tense. You've heard right, stress is not healthy! I try not to but it's so hard when there is so much to think about. Reuben and I try to make lists, writing things down as much as possible. This week we will be meeting with my Uncle Keith (who will be officiating the ceremony), Rob and Anita Helder(our caterers) and Rev. Huijgen for our last pre-marriage class. Then on Friday we are driving down to Ottawa with all of Reuben's earthly possessions. On Saturday we will be looking at the apartment we have hopefully rented, hanging out with our friends from southern Ontario who have come to Canada's capital to enjoy Winterlude and Reuben is also planning on going to skiing with Mike Broersma (although I'm not sure how that is going to work out). I'm supposed to be flying home on Sunday night and leaving my fiance to start his first day of work on Monday but the flight loads are pretty full already so I may have to fly home on Monday morning or catch a ride back with someone ... hmmm... that's a good idea, I should look into that. (That just popped into my head).

Last weekend, we spent all day Saturday looking at apartments. Finally, we decided on the first one we looked at because it was $100 cheaper than anything else and it was still a decent apartment. My sister, karin and her hubby live on the 9th floor of the building. We'd be on the 7th floor. We'd have an amazing view of the Ottawa River (like I had before)!!!:) And the kitchen is a little bit bigger than most. Unfortunately, the bathroom is fairly small. But having a bathtub makes up for that. I really miss not having a bathtub in the place I am in right now. I'm a bath person at heart. I guess I get that from my Dad. The building also has squash courts and an exercise room so maybe we will get up enough energy to get fit!:)

I have to be out of my current place by March 1, so we will probably do the move on Feb 24. Reuben won't be able to help move out as he won't be able to take the Friday off, my Dad will be driving a truck down to pick up my stuff so if any of you, reading this, is willing to add some muscle that day, we would really appreciate it!:)

Anyway, that's just a few of things happening in our lives and I've hardly even mentioned all the other wedding stuff that needs to happening in the next 45 days but I will leave it at that. Hope I didn't stress anyone out!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Definitely Ottawa

Well ...we're going. Last weekend Reuben had an interview with James Farrow of Farrow Architects and he was so impressed he hired him on the spot. We hummed and hawed about it until yesterday because he had some other job offers, as well (when it rains it pours) but finally decided to start the great adventure.

We'll be starting new jobs, getting married and moving to a new city all in the space of 2 months. That's a little bit crazy if you ask me. We are going to Ottawa again this weekend to look for an appartment. A cozy little abode for the two of us to make into our little nest. The Lord has blessed us richly.

Reuben starts his job on Feb 6. This means we will be living in different cities up until the wedding. I'm a little apprehensive about this as I like having him close by all the time but I also really believe in the phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder" and think that it will make our wedding day and honeymoon that much sweeter!

We have lots to do in the next 49 days till our wedding. I can't even begin to describe it all. Many decisions to make as well. It's a good thing we make a good team!:)

Oh and by the way, I was right about going to St. Hubert's last Thursday and it was excellent as always. MMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


It's noon ... 5 1/2 hrs till I'm home in Ottawa. It's a nice, sunny day here in TO so hopefully that means no turbulence on our way up. When I first started flying the turbulence didn't really bother me but now it really does. It's almost like it gets worse everytime. I really hope I can get a seat near the front of the plane, it's always better up there.

Reuben says that he is surprising me with dinner out tonight. Well, he's not actually taking me out. My parents are. But it sounds like he helped decide where to go and he says I'll be happy. My favourite restaurant in the whole wide world is St. Hubert's. Not because their food is super fantastic, in fact I think it's gone downhill over the years, especially the fries. But because it brings back such sweet childhood memories. Actually, let me retract. Their food is amazing. It's not diverse. Basically, chicken, coleslaw, french fries, a toasted bun and the most delicious gravy in the entire world. I always order the exact same thing everytime I go and it never fails to satisfy me. Their coleslaw is about the only kind I'll eat. And normally, I don't like gravy either. Maybe it's because the flavour has been ingrained in me since I was a child.

hmm ... before I started writing that paragraph, I said to myself that I would not start to soliloquize about St. Hubert but the words just flowed out and I couldn't stop. Funny, hey?

Anyway, the other good restaurant in Ottawa is Moxies. It's a great atmosphere. They have great drinks. Their food is always unique. There is something for everyone.

I'm not sure where we are going for dinner tonight but as long as I am with Reuben it really doesn't matter to me. I am so anxious to get on that plane and over to him. We've only been apart for 2 days but as we were discussing earlier; absence sure does make the heart grow fonder.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Reuben's In Ottawa

Reuben's in Ottawa looking for a job. He's had 4 interviews in this area so he thought he'd try his hand at Ottawa architects. No leads so far but today is just his 1st day. I will be travelling there tomorrow night. I can't wait to be home again!

I am having second thoughts about moving to Ottawa, if Reuben gets a job there. I like my job here with WestJet. There are great benefits(flying for cheap) and a good group of people. Most of the time it is low stress. I don't want to have to search for another job. And I am getting used to our congregation and our great group of friends, especially the Bible Study group.

But Ottawa will always be my home. I like it's big city convenience and it's small town feel. I never realized how true that was until I moved to the ever-expanding GTA and felt the never-endingness of the sprawling metropolis as I commute an hour each way to work. Ottawa is expanding too. My old neighbourhood now has enough population to support a small movie theatre and has so many box stores that it's hard to see the surrounding farmland anymore.

I just have to keep being patient about what the Lord has planned for us. I'm just glad for a long weekend.

There's lots of wedding stuff going on. I talked to our florist this morning, who had to revise her quote to a much higher price! Very frustrating...but I've calmed down and accepted it. A wedding is just not cheap no matter how many ways you try to slice it. I am also going to Michael's to buy some scrapbooking supplies so I can start on our wedding scrapbook. Part of it will include a guest book. We had found this chintzy guest book but have decided to return it and just have people write directly on scrapbooking pages. I can't wait to design it. I can't wait to buy all sorts of new stuff.

Well, I'm off.

Monday, January 16, 2006

60 Days - Rambling Thoughts on a Countdown

60 days from today is supposed to be the best day of my life. I'm inclined to believe that it will be true. But I am nervous. I always get nervous though, so this is no surprise. I have been waiting for this day to come forever and now that it is getting so close, time is going by super fast. Whereas, before I sort of felt like if I didn't think about it time would just sort of slow down and the wedding would never come. But now, I don't think I can stop it from coming, it's just barreling on through. Not that I don't want it to come. I'm excited! Marrying Reuben is going to be a dream come true!! Walking down the aisle in my princess wedding dress towards my Prince Charming is going to be unreal! Someone said that waiting for your wedding day was just as good as the marriage itself. I hope marriage is better!

I am an impatient person by nature. I am always waiting for something. A new place to live, a job, a better job, the winter to be over, the hot summer weather to be gone, etc. It's sort of an endless cycle. It's happening with this too. First I wanted to be dating Reuben, then I wanted to be engaged to Reuben, now I want to marry Reuben and then I will want to have children and then I will want our children to grow up so I can be alone with Reuben. Life is a long road. Sometimes, I wish I could just slow down and enjoy the moment. It's hard to do.

I hope that on our wedding day I will be able to slow down and enjoy the moment.