Thursday, January 31, 2008

Auntie Again

I feel safe in mentioning, as I'm sure most people know already, that Hadassah is going to be a big sister at the end of June. Here are the ultrasound pictures. I'm pretty excited!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Grateful Wednesday

Some bloggers do this thing called "Grateful Fridays" where they list all the things they are thankful for. I guess Friday is the end of a long week and it's hard to be cheerful. I find the middle of the week the hardest so I thought I'd do a "Grateful Wednesday" post just to get through.

Things/people I am thankful for:

*a loving husband

*a warm home (though not always as warm as I'd like)

*accomodating parents

*my nieces (and nephew/niece on the way)

*close-knit church community

*a well-paying job (which is definitely hard to be thankful for)

*a free country



Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Everyday in Photos # 5

new music

Everyday in Photos # 4


Everyday in Photos # 3

Saturday morning breakfast!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Everyday in Photos # 2

You may think that this wouldn't count as an "everyday" photo but when you've just bought a house that needs alot of work, you'll know that this is an "everyday photo. This is what we accomplished last night.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Geeky weather

Ok. I think that the weather today should be called geeky weather because in order to be assured of some semblance of warmth outside you have to dress like a geek. I am a total wimp when it comes to cold weather and will do anything, ie wear anything, to stay warm. It is one of my biggest pet peeves to see people outside in cold temperatures without a hat, scarf, mittens and a proper winter coat. People can be so dumb!
Today on the bus I decided to count the number of stupid people (ie those not wearing all of the appropriate attire, listed above) and the number of smart people (ie those dressed for the -25 weather). As they filed in at Fallowfield station, I counted 15 stupid people and only 5 smart people.
My dad pointed out that maybe it's because other people aren't affected by the cold as much as I am. Do you think that could be true? I think that all skin must freeze at the same temperature so therefore you must cover your skin properly if you are going to be outside for any prolonged period of time.
Maybe it's just because I can't stand seeing other people cold that I get so annoyed when they don't dress properly.

Everyday in Photos #1

A friend, whose blog I read, started something pretty cool. She was inspired by someone else's blog and so the chain continues. Everyday, I plan to take a picture of something in my daily life that hasn't been altered just for picture's sake; although the following subject was altered slightly.

I've had this kit since my birthday last year. I started by making a bookmark and 2 coasters and then moved on to other projects. I've decided to take it up again. Last night, I started practicing by making another coaster.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hadassah - Age 1

Hadassah recently turned ONE. She is walking around a lot more, although I've only seen the videos for proof. Here are some recent pictures from her Mom.

Chillin' in the cupboard!

Cute grin!

Getting a ride.



Monday, January 14, 2008


It was my Mom's birthday last week. A big one. She's retiring this year ... early. We went to the Swan Restaurant in Carp (a little town outside of Ottawa). It was really cool! The menu wasn't huge but it was impressive and the prices were immensely reasonable. This is my brother-in-law, Josh. This is my beautiful sister, Karin ... can you see the motherly glow?

Reuben and I.
The sign of beers.
Mmmmm ... I had a curry chicken with apricots and pecans ... surprisingly a good combination. The bites of sweet apricot just held everything up on a different plane than the usual curry. This is Josh's plate. He had the lamb.

My parents.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

100th Post

Looks like this is my 100th post. Cool.

We've been having a lot of snow and a lot of rain. A lot of grey skies lately. This morning, around 9:30am, I looked out my office window (yes, I have a window!) and there was the sky, in all it's clear and blue glory. Half an hour later, I look out again and the grey has rolled back in. sigh! I am almost wishing for the bright, sunny skies that inevitably brings colder weather at this time of year. Just to see the sun. I miss you Mr. Sun.

My brother and his girlfriend's family are down in the Dominican Republic right now. Soaking up the sun and heat. Would it be too redundent to say that I wish I was there?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I'm back at work. It's strange. I'm the only one here down a long dark hallway full of closed doors. It is winter and at 3:36 the sun is already starting to set. We dug ourselves out of another snowstorm last night. Reuben and I took the bus together this morning. We trudged out of the house at 7:30 bundled up to our eyeballs against the -30 temps and wind. Ahh ... January. Just what I've been fearing since the first day of snow so long ago.
Work is back at my alma mater, Carleton University. My dad is a prof and researcher here. A colleague of his was looking for a temporary administrator so I've jumped into the void. It sure is a void here on January 2 with students still on holidays and profs not ready to get back into the thick of things. I don't mind ... gives me a chance to ease into it.
I've already talked to 2 students and tried to muddle my way through their questions. It's going to be interesting. I wish I didn't have to learn something new but WestJet was getting boring anyway so here I am.
My contract is up at the end of January so I won't get too settled but I'm hoping something else will come up here after that.

Also ...congrats to my forever best friend, Lorien vanPopta, who got engaged 2 weeks ago!!! Thanks for asking me to be a bridesmaid ... I feel honoured and blessed to have you as a friend.