Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Netherlands

Well, Andrew(any other readers out there?), it looks like I won't have to bore you with recipes for too much longer as we've bought our tickets for the Netherlands.  After much hemming, hawing and arm-twisting (of Reuben by me), we're off to explore the land of our ancestors!

Places on my must-see list, which probably varies from Reuben's, are:
Lisse - tulip fields which will, hopefully, be in bloom while we're there
Hilversum - my dad's cousin, Ina's home
Ten Boer - my mom's cousin, John and Seibje's home
Delft - why not?
Terschelling - island, sounds cool
Zeeland - delta project
Zwolle - cool place to stay
The Hague - why not?
Amsterdam - the canals and the Rijksmuseum
De Haar Castle Utrecht - looks cool

etc. etc.

Dates of the trip: Thursday evening April 10 to Tuesday late night April 22.


andrew said...

Nope, I'm it. Goede reis!

Becky said...

I still follow your blog too:)
Have fun in Holland!

Becky said...

DOn't forget to go see Anne Franks house in Amsterdam, that was worth it!
It was also neat to climb the tower in Delft and to go on a wine and cheese cruise on the canals in Amsterdam!
You can also get a Maccroquette at MacDonald's :)