Friday, October 12, 2012

And it's out of England and into Scotland

Today was a travelling day.  We got on the train in Southampton just before 10am, made a quick change to another train in York and arrived in Edinburgh around 5:30pm.  Nothing too exciting happened on the way.  The great thing about train travel overseas is that it runs really smoothly and punctually.
When we arrived in Edinburgh, it was dumping down rain and the temperature was definitely cooler than in the south of England.  It took us a bit but we found the correct bus stop and even managed to meet a friendly American (who has lived in Edinburgh for 20 years) who helped us figure out where to get off the bus at our hotel.
This is definitely the nicest place we've stayed at, so far.  We paid about the same price as the other places so I guess things aren't quite so expensive here.  After checking in, we hopped back on the bus to go downtown for dinner.
We found a nice pub on the main strip and had a good dinner.  I had chicken breast stuffed with haggis! The haggis was very flavourful.  It was actually kind of peppery.  There wasn't anything else going on downtown so we just went back to the hotel and had a wee dram for a nightcap.

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Peter said...

great to read your post.. we echo your remarks about the train.. we are just home from Berlin and catching up on emails. we had a great time.. keep up the great posts.. love Mom and Dad